Update on the next book… In Slumber Sleeping

Hi all!

I had some great feedback today about ‘In Slumber Creeping’ and thought I should fill you in on my progress with ‘In Slumber Sleeping’.

I am still working on the draft and am very committed to getting things right. I spent so long on the last book, only to have silly little mistakes creep in. This time I want to do the story some justice by taking my time and getting it right. I know this doesn’t get the book to you quicker but I do hope it will be worth the wait and that you will understand.

I still have a legion of people reminding me that they are waiting to hear about what happens next. I can tell you that it won’t be too much longer until Xavier gets his turn  to share his story ‘In Slumber Sleeping’.

And yes, you will get to find out what happened with Grace, this isn’t the end of her story, in lots of ways it is all about the beginning.

Thanks for your patience,

🙂 Emma

P.S. The cheapest way to buy ‘In Slumber Creeping’ at the moment is through http://www.bookdepository.com

My Weekend of Social Networking

It’s a little bit surreal that I am now an author on Goodreads 🙂 I got a little bit giggly excited when I saw “In Slumber Creeping” on my “bookshelf” with an Isobelle Carmody book. That’s my idea of brilliant right there!

I plan to spend some time over this weekend looking at my accounts on Goodreads, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook and (who knows, maybe even Instagram) to pull together all my ramblings. It’s a perfect job really, combining my love of chatting and writing, so I am looking forward to getting stuck in. (This could also be me procrastinating from editing my second book, “In Slumber Sleeping but just humour me for now).

🙂 Emma